Art and Artists: Poems, edited by Emily Fragos

After our visit to the Whitney we decided that instead of checking out the new MoMA exhibition on Munch’s Scream as planned, we better give our poor feet – that still had an entire reception ahead of them – a rest.  After a bratwurst and goulash at Café Sabarsky, we took our time and scanned our new book acquisitions over kleiner brauner kaffee and Glühwein.


Kleiner brauner and Mozarttorte at Sabarsky’s

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I opened the new collection of ekphrastic poetry, which we were both very excited to find, on page 240 and found there, lo and behold, the poem “Stealing the Scream” (no escape of Munch, I guess). I keep forgetting to check whether it depicts a real story but even if not – what a great title for a poem and what a beautiful ending:

The policemen, lost as tourists, stand whispering

In the galleries: “…but what does it all mean?”

Someone has the answers, someone who, grasping

The frame,

Saw his sun-red face reflected in that familiar boiling sky.

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This is exactly the kind of surprising ekphrasis I was hoping to find in this anthology, alongside the usual suspects as Homer’s Shield of Achilles and Auden’s  Musée des Beaux Arts.

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